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Hello, my name is Debs and  I am the founder of One Five Six. 

I started One Five Six because I felt there was a gap in the market. Many companies or self-employed individuals simply can't afford to pay big marketing agency prices, but in order to stay competitive and achieve growth they still need to engage in marketing - in particular the fast moving world of digital marketing.

I work from home in between the school run and my employed job (also in marketing!). I understand the challenges of working from home while also trying to run a household and bring up children.

My goal is to help you to achieve your goals and to take the pressure off keeping up with this fast paced industry; whether that is keeping your website visible, or just providing you with guidance and advice.

Sometimes when I have a spare 30 seconds I attempt to write a blog or update my Instagram - follow me and I'll provide you with useful tips and ideas for free!


One Five Six Digital

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